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Building a great home gym certainly has its benefits in making a high impact on the shape of your life. With fitness equipment in your own home, you have the opportunity to develop and build on your personal health goals without breaking your comfort zone, something which you may not experience in a gym setting with so many gym goers. With a home gym, it’s just you and your goals. You get to choose how to start and when to exercise, and most importantly, which gym machines and equipment work best according to your goals to stay in shape.

From the moderate jog on the treadmill, hefty single arm dumbbell exercises to squats using our best strength training equipment, our comprehensive range of gym equipment is designed to suit any home gym, meet any personal requirements to work out daily and help to guarantee you succeed in your fitness journey both physically and mentally.

Discover our wide range of exercise equipment listed below and reap the benefits of affordable prices!

Conditioning: Looking to increase your flexibility or build on your endurance? Target, strengthen, shape and tone specific muscles of your body more efficiently with our impressive collection of conditioning equipment including kettlebells, Ab roller exercise wheels, resistance bands and rubber mats.

Benches & Racks: No home gym equipment is without a reliable and durable bench or rack. Ideal for doing bench presses on, our range of benches and racks are also useful for performing dumbbell rows, rack pulls, flies and so much more.

Cardio: An effective method to burn calories and build your endurance is through Catch Fitness’s range of cardio equipment- stepper machines, treadmills and air bikes included.

Commercial: Did you know that poorly made fitness equipment could negatively affect your fitness efforts and results, and could lead to injury? Don’t settle for less for your home gym. At Catch Fitness, we have a comprehensive range of commercial-grade fitness equipment that you’d find in your local gym including curved runners, hypertension benches, combo racks and much more.

Flooring: Protect your flooring, prevent injury with our inexpensive and long-lasting rubber flooring mats. Our selection is able to withstand heavy-duty equipment including exercise bikes, treadmills and weight benches, providing an optimal non-slip surface that prevents your fitness equipment from sliding when you exercise.

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