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Whether it be a bar and plates, or a full home gym, we've created some great value fitness bundles to help your training.

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CATCH Best Value Package

Our most popular rack. We've sold over 1,000+ of these racks in the past three months. This is a commercial-grade power rack with a dual pulley system for all of your accessory movements including lat pull downs, shrugs, curls, and more.

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Catch Fitness started, quite simply, because others were charging too much. We weren't looking to make a quick buck when the world was in lockdown. Instead, we went and sourced the same commercial grade equipment as our competitors, with the aim of getting it to our customers for half the price. Then something amazing happened. 25,000 Aussies trusted us in our first year of operation. We had a doctor, an exercise physiologist, an occupational therapist, an engineer, and two personal trainers join our team. We weren't content with bringing in the same commercial grade equipment as our competitors - we needed to make it better. We've sold to gyms, gold medallists, footy players. Most of all, we sold to our community. We were part of keeping them healthy, at a time when the world was going mad. Because let's face it - exercise shouldn't be a luxury. It's a human right, and it needs to stay that way.