Weight Vests

Pack on the weight with a weighted training vest and work harder.

Adjustable weighted vests make the ultimate conditioning accessory for men and women; distributing weight evenly across your torso and suitable to be adjusted to any body, to push further and unlock new heights of power, speed, strength and endurance for performance. Turning running on the treadmill into whole body cardiovascular conditioning, and bodyweight squats, push ups, pull ups and dips into gruelling weight lifting workouts.

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Wearing a weight vest is a great tool to push extra performance for runners, bodybuilders, crossfit athletes, powerlifters, and other types of athletes.

Get Ready for Performance

When you‚Äôre getting ready to run faster, lift with more power, or have more endurance on the field then a weighted training vest can be the next step you need to complete your goal.

Our weighted training vests are made to withstand the movement, weight and moisture that happens in resistance training with heavy duty design. Created with fit in mind, you can use the stretchable, adjustable straps to find a fit that‚Äôs most comfortable for you. The plate carriers front and back also allow for adjustable weight during strength training or outdoors travel. 

Run Faster with Weighted Running

Using a weighted vest for running is one of the most reliable methods trainers have been using for decades to increase your VO2 max, or to expand the amount of oxygen your body can use during an intense and punishing workout. Studies have shown that heart rates increase by 3-5% while using a weighted vest for running. Effectively meaning you‚Äôll be able to run longer and faster.

Build Denser, Stronger Bones & Muscle

Use weighted vests for building strength and musculoskeletal endurance. As the total weight bearing down on your torso all over throughout the movement of your workouts, weight vests help signal to your body to create stronger and denser bones to support the weight. 

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