Weight Plate Storage

Free weights make up a great deal of resistance training. So whether you use standard weight plates, bumpers or fractional weights, you want to store them well in your commercial or home gym. Weight plate racks provide the perfect answer. 

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All-in-One Weight Storage

Store all the free weights and strength training accessories you need in one place with our comprehensive solutions for weight plate storage. 

Our Dumbbell Rack with Bar & Plate Holders and Barbell & Plate Holders are just two examples of our storage solutions for weight plates, barbells and other types of free weights.

  • Store dumbbells and kettlebells on the vertical bars of Catch‚Äôs Dumbbell Rack, and equip weight plates and 2 barbells on the side.
  • Catch‚Äôs barbell and plate holder lets you store all your weight plates neatly from smallest to largest and place up to 4 barbells on the bottom supporting frame.

Workout More Efficiently

A clean platform, garage gym or workout station makes all the difference when you‚Äôre trying to achieve your next personal best. CATCH Fitness weight plate storage makes sure the weight doesn‚Äôt get in the way - on the floor or on the rack. 

You‚Äôll notice the difference when your weight plates are easily accessible. Weight training is more enjoyable, and you‚Äôll achieve more with your powerlifting when you aren‚Äôt expanding extra effort in manoeuvring around the weights. 

Longer Plate Life

Weight plates, bumper plates, dumbbells and kettlebells are made for serious punishment with heavy-duty design and strong materials. However, how you store them can significantly impact their expected life span. Keeping your weights dry, away from direct sunlight and elevated with an appropriate storage accessory will help ensure that you can enjoy the longest life for the price you pay on gym equipment. 

In addition to a bumper plate storage rack, it’s important also to keep your rubber-coated bumper weights clean.

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