Slam Balls

Looking to work the muscles to their maximum and find more efficient ways to workout your full body? Slam balls are a great way to improve muscle mass, power, strength, and speed. Catch Fitness’s range of slam balls are durable, with a hard-standing and easy-to-grip outer shell and of great quality, ranging from 3kg all the way up to 50kg.

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What are slam balls good for? 

Catch Fitness‚Äôs selection of slam balls online are ideal if you‚Äôre looking to increase your cardiovascular performance or as part of your functional fitness regime. Sometimes known as the medicine ball, this useful equipment is a highly versatile workout tool, allowing pro athletes to beginners to provide resistance and added weight when performing dynamic movement. These movements target your body from head to toe and really force your heart rate to skyrocket. By challenging your muscles to exhausting limits, you can develop muscle power and build endurance. Benefits for adding slam balls into your workout regimen include: 

  • increased muscle density 
  • Higher resting metabolism 
  • increased athletic performance 
  • higher aerobic and balance capacity 
  • enhanced mental clarity 
  • improved heart health 
  • lose weight more efficiently 

Are slam ball exercises effective? 

Whether it‚Äôs medicine ball situps or dynamic ball slams, completing such exercises three or four times a week you can expect to feel and see a difference in your body after several weeks if you regularly integrate these exercises into your regimen. 

Which slam ball online should I use? 

Slam balls aren’t a one-size-fits all solution. With so many weight ranges available, the best slam ball for your at-home gym should be chosen depending on your current strength level, experience and goals. If you’re cardio focused and looking at a higher rep count, opt for a lighter ball. If you’re building strength and power, a heavier ball is more suitable for your fitness goals. Not just on the hunt for slam balls for sale? Register with Catch Fitness today to get special offers on all functional fitness equipment, once-in-a-lifetime deals, and free giveaways.