Sand & Power Bags

Looking for a challenge? Level up your strength and power conditioning like never before with our sand bags online. Experience strength, stability and mobility functional fitness with the new ways sand and power bags lets you lift. Our CATCH Fitness sandbags Australia will target new planes of motion. Focus on stable or unstable movements in your sandbag training to build stability or mobility with power.

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Build OVERALL Conditioning

Power bags are called that for a reason. Also called sand bags for the way they are made, they are designed for whole body conditioning. Power bag training is great for:

  • Improved grip strength
  • Improved stability
  • Improved mobility and free motion
  • Training with limited space to train or store fitness equipment at home (can use a power bag as an easy to transport or store alternative to a barbell)

As a high quality heavy duty materials and craftsmanship, pre filled with sand, all our power bags in Australia are suited for clean and jerk movements that put strain on the body in different ways.

Move Different

Most of your movements are tied up into fixed positions when you are weight lifting in the gym. With squats or bicep curls for example, you‚Äôre only really conditioning your body through the sagittal plane or forwards to backwards movements. 

Unlock a range of new exercise possibilities without weight plates, with the new motions that gym sandbags let you train: frontal plane movement (side to side) & transverse plane movement (twisting) and target more supporting muscle. All possible and more challenging than body weight training, that fits easily within your home gym. 

Training for Life

When it comes to building functional strength (or strength focussed on lifting everyday objects and uses), strength training with sandbag workouts tackles the brief like no other. Shaped differently, with filling prone to shifting and great for shoulder carry, gym sandbags are also used as an alternative training tool to practice the firemen‚Äôs carry for rescue personnel. 

Sign up today for the same top-level sand bags online that you find in your local gym and kickstart your fitness journey the right way.