Resistance Bands

Stretch, squeeze and activate. Resistance bands help wake up dormant muscles you’re not used to using, and rehabilitate your body against injury. There are so many uses for fitness enthusiasts on any level. Beginner? Use them to add difficulty to callisthenics bodyweight exercises. Intermediate? Use them pre-workout to wake up muscles before you lift. Advanced? Add them to powerlifting or strength training workouts to break through a plateau. 

Effective, portable and convenient, exercises bands are a must for any commercial or home gym.


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CATCH Fitness Exercise Bands

Our high-quality range of resistance bands online offers a great selection of targeted conditioning accessories to achieve your fitness goals, no matter your fitness level. Buy heavy or thin closed-loop resistance bands (loop bands), tube bands with handles or ankle straps, booty bands, or a Bosu ball with resistance bands to really build balance and stability.

Build Booty

Doing a lot of squats but not seeing much growth? Crab walking with booty bands around your mid-thighs can help you wake up sleeping dormant glutes before your squats or hip thrusts to grow bigger glute muscles. Glute activation is an important step for those who sit down often to wake up glutes that have ‚Äėfallen asleep‚Äô. Stronger glutes are also a valuable personal resource for better cardiovascular training performance. 

Added Tension & Build Progress

Tension, resistance and range of motion are the building blocks when it comes to building strength and size at the gym. Resistance bands add on extra resistance that helps target and activate muscles. 

For closed-loop latex or fabric resistance bands, it‚Äôs constant tension. 

For resistance tubes with handles, it‚Äôs a strong stretch or contraction. One that you can pick up and use for muscle building when you have little access to weights. Perfect for adjusting, with different resistance levels. 

You can use exercise bands for lightweight resistance training or full-body workouts. You can also add power bands to free weight training to add difficulty without going up in weights.

Through this tension, you can create more ‚Äėmicrotears‚Äô in your muscles that your body uses to build back bigger, stronger muscles.

Sign up today for the same top-level exercise bands online that you find in your local gym and kickstart your fitness journey the right way.