Push and Pull Sleds

Push or pull your way into an intense full-body workout. The sled push is a challenge that lets you see just how hard you can push yourself and how far you can go, more literally than anything else. Experience what your own power feels like with functional strength training.

Push and pull sleds workouts your quads, glutes, chest, hamstrings, hip flexors, chest and shoulders. CATCH gym sleds are commercial-grade fitness equipment, made with a durable, and heavy-duty design so that you can really push, pull and pack on the weight.

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How to do a Sled Push Workout?

Pack on the weight on your workout sled, hold the handles with a high grip and then push through your legs to drive the prowler across the astro turf gym flooring at a 45-degree angle. Start with no weight plates if you’re a beginner, then load the sled with more weights or go farther as you progress.

To pull, attach sled straps to the back of the gym sled, stand with rope taut facing the sled, squat and then pull the sled towards you as you come up.

More Challenging Cardio

There are powerlifters and strength trainers in every gym who love lifting weights but dislike cardio training. The reason being running can be less engaging than strength training. Push sled training combines strength and anaerobic cardio training into an all-body conditioning workout. Pushing you to not just build more in strength, power and muscle, but burn a lot of calories.

It’s what makes the sled push the perfect challenge to add on to make your workouts more engaging for when you’re shredding.

Change Up Your Training

If you have been strength training or powerlifting in the gym for a while and have started to get bored of just ordinary training on benches or racks, then maybe it’s time to try training like a pro with a gym sled. Functional fitness training with a prowler works out raw explosive power to help you enter competition, release stress or just impress your friends.

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