Power & Squat Racks

No commercial gym or serious home workout space exists without a half or full power rack. Power or squat racks help you squat, barbell shrug, bench press, overhead press and more. It’s a truly versatile piece of equipment for powerlifting. Build up strength, muscle and power with a freestanding power rack or wall-mounted model for any fitness space.

Catch Fitness is one of the leading suppliers of power racks, power cages and squat stands on the market. We’ve partnered with reputed manufacturers to provide squat and power racks with multifunctional and heavy weight capacities, for confidence every time you work out.

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Selecting Your Rack

Power Racks: The full rack, or power cage. Our commercial power racks present all-in-one gym equipment. Each is customisable with beams and holes that allow you to tailor how you work out. Squat, barbell shrug, do rows, overhead passes, pull up and even perform lat pulldowns with our power racks fitted with lat pulleys. These racks are a popular choice for gyms, and anyone training without a spotter, with spotter beams that catch dropped heavy weights. 

Squat Racks: Half of a full cage, our adjustable squat racks have J-hooks to hold the weights, spotter arms to catch falling weights, plate holders to hold resting weights and chin-up bars to train your back.

Squat Stands: The most budget-friendly option for those who love to squat. Squat stands are a more stripped-down version of a full and half power rack, with the bare essentials for squatting: grounding beams, vertical beams and hook attachments to hold the bar. Adjustable squat stands are easy to store away even in a limited amount of space.

Adjustable Combo Racks: CATCH Fitness‚Äôs ipf combo rack comes with an adjustable bench, for fast transitioning between squats and bench presses. Easily detach the weight bench for a place to train your legs or arms with height-adjustable beams to elevate or lower the bar. 

Functional Smith Machines: Smith machines offer controlled assistance for almost any variety of barbell training. This means an experience with better balance and safety, but also lower muscle activation by forgoing the strain on your stabiliser muscles that you get with handling free weights.

Quickly set up your power rack for functional training for your home gym with our all-inclusive bundles, or start shopping the range today!

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