Plyo Boxes

Jump into action with soft heavy-duty PVC plyo boxes. Plyometrics or jump exercises are the next step in strength training for speed, agility and power. Build endurance with shorter plyometric box layers and high reps, or train for explosive power by progressing up the heights. CATCH Fitness plyo boxes are made for sturdy footing, soft foam for landing and easy to attach or disassemble velcro straps, for every level of jumper.

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Jump Training for Better Sports Performance

Plyometric exercises first became popular in Eastern countries in the 1960s, when they began to dominate Olympic track and field sports with jump training. These types of exercises strengthen ‚Äėfast twitch‚Äô fibres in the muscles, allowing muscles to contract faster. 

Now sports trainers use plyometric boxes to train a range of different athletes. 


How to do the Box Jump

Facing the box with feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees in a quarter squat and lean forward. Swing your arms through and bring your elbows in as you jump and land. Look at where you are going while you jump to help you land safely on top of the box. Land softly on both feet in a slight squat with knees slightly out. 

There are two ways to train: conditioning (endurance) or power (explosive movement)

  1. If your goals are conditioning, choose a lower box and complete sets with more reps (20), with only one minute of rest in between, in quick circuit style training.
  2. If your goals are to build power, aim for sets of 5 with several minutes of rest in-between, using a higher box. 


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