Medicine Balls

Build your core with medicine balls. CATCH Fitness range of medicine balls online are perfect for tightening, toning and strengthening your back and abs. Med balls are a great alternative to barbells and dumbbells in resistant weight training.

Use them to strengthen rolling push ups, planks, squats and more.

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A Wide Range of Medballs

Selecting the right weight is important when you are beginning to workout with a medicine ball. CATCH Fitness‚Äô collection offers many options from medicine balls with dual handles, small medicine ballsand med balls at different weights. You can purchase med balls at 3kg, and move up through 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, and 10kg to add extra tension during resistance training. 

Build Core Strength

Held close to the chest, medicine ballsare excellent for core training and rotational based movement. Effectively covering the abdominal muscles, obliques, back and supporting muscles such as shoulder, pecs and triceps. Med balls are versatile pieces for anyone looking to build the foundation of great strength and fitness, which you can use for many traditional strengthening exercises.

Versatile Training

Medballs make an easy strength training tool to keep in your living room, garage gym or commercial gym. With a compact and round design with dual handles for extra handling, medicine balls provide a more natural way to train. Easy for storage in limited spaces.

Other Weighted Balls 

Besides medicine balls, CATCH Fitness also sells other gym weight balls to build your regime such as slam balls and wall balls. You can build explosive strength and power through slamming down weighted exercise balls or VO2 capacity by doing the wall ball.

Sign up today for the same top-level medicine balls online that you find in your local gym and kickstart your fitness journey the right way.