If you are searching for HIGH QUALITY yet SUPER AFFORDABLE Kettlebells, CATCH FITNESS have you covered! We offer an ample range of Kettlebells at SUPER LOW prices to assist with all of your home gym essentials!

Great for developing strength, balance, power and coordination, our CATCH Kettlebells are a piece of must-have equipment for your home, commercial or studio workout space. Sitting FLAT and STURDY (ensuring no rolling or scratched floors), our CATCH Kettlebells are available in both Competition and Cast Iron ranging from 4KG all the way up to 32KG!

Perfect for callisthenics training, HIIT workouts and overall toning, our Kettlebells are ideal for any user, are easy to store and are a great addition to help with diversifying any workout. Choose from our top of the range Kettlebells to tone your body and increase your muscle strength TODAY!

Cast iron: Our cast iron kettlebells represent what we believe are the best value kettlebells in Oz. They are strong, durable, colour coded for easy weight identification, and range from 4KG - 36KG.

Competition: Our competition kettlebells are larger, being competition standard, and remain the same size irrespective of weight. They come in a range of fun colours, as well as a black option. Made from stainless steel, with an anti-aging outer layer.

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Not only are they versatile, but also affordable, which means they are even ideal for beginners. While most people believe kettlebells only work for the upper body, we are here to tell you that they also help strengthen your muscles, such as the abdominals and rear delts, which is not always possible with barbells and other weights. 

Since they do not take up much space, you can work out pretty much anywhere with a kettlebell. It‚Äôs convenient at its best. 

Speaking of kettlebells, our cast iron kettlebells come in different weights, ranging from 4kg to 32kg, with multiple variations in between. Meanwhile, our competition kettlebells are ideal for people who like to work out every day and don‚Äôt mind a bit of colour in their workout space. 

Our Kettlebell Sets 

Our kettlebell set has a single cast, which ensures a stronger finish, making the equipment last for years to come. The colour-coded rings help distinguish between different weights, making it easier for you to get your weights in order during strength training

Since the base is flat and sturdy, our kettlebells do not roll away from you, nor do they scratch the floor. Moreover, the overall design and build make kettlebell storage a breeze. To get the best out of your money, choose one of our kettlebell value bundles for your home gym. 

Take a pick from our collection below to enjoy our 14-day money-back guarantee and pickup options from our Sydney and Melbourne showrooms. 

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