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If you are searching for HIGH QUALITY yet SUPER AFFORDABLE Kettlebells, CATCH FITNESS have you covered! We offer an ample range of Kettlebells at SUPER LOW prices to assist with all of your home gym essentials!

Great for developing strength, balance, power and coordination, our CATCH Kettlebells are a piece of must-have equipment for your home, commercial or studio workout space. Sitting FLAT and STURDY (ensuring no rolling or scratched floors), our CATCH Kettlebells are available in both Competition and Cast Iron ranging from 4KG all the way up to 32KG!

Perfect for callisthenics training, HIIT workouts and overall toning, our Kettlebells are ideal for any user, are easy to store and are a great addition to help with diversifying any workout. Choose from our top of the range Kettlebells to tone your body and increase your muscle strength TODAY!

Cast iron: Our cast iron kettlebells represent what we believe are the best value kettlebells in Oz. They are strong, durable, colour coded for easy weight identification, and range from 4KG - 36KG.

Competition: Our competition kettlebells are larger, being competition standard, and remain the same size irrespective of weight. They come in a range of fun colours, as well as a black option. Made from stainless steel, with an anti-aging outer layer.


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CATCH Cast Iron Kettlebells | In Stock - Kettlebells -Catch Fitness
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CATCH Cast Iron Kettlebells
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CATCH Competition Kettlebells | In Stock - Kettlebells -Catch Fitness
CATCH Competition Kettlebells | In Stock - Kettlebells -Catch Fitness
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