Kettlebell Storage

Keep all your kettlebells neatly organised in one area. Kettlebells are a staple for any commercial or home gym, but like any weights they can get in the way of a workout or corrode if not properly stored between uses. Our kettlebell storage racks at Catch Fitness are made with sturdy, heavy-duty steel to hold your kettlebells without buckling.

We sell a range of kettlebell storage options to give you the choice of how you store your kettlebells: whether altogether from smallest to largest, or along with your other hand weights.

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Invest In High-Quality Storage

No matter whether you are designing a home garage gym or a commercial gym, quality storage for your weights really makes a difference. We at Catch Fitness offer kettlebell storage racks with a durable corrosion-resistant powder coat finish that keeps the area clean, to both protect your weights and make the area neat. Our kettle storage solutions also comes with features that add to the usability of your rack, such as rubber lining for your kettlebells. Please click on the product you are interested in, for more specific product information. 

Installing the proper kettlebell storage helps ensure that your weights are elevated and thus easier to reach between sets.

Complete Your Functional Fitness Space

Dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and sand bags are all vital to creating a functional training space for fitness. The great benefit of our 2 & 3 tier kettlebell racks is multipurpose storage for your smaller weights. But primarily, we‚Äôre here to talk about kettlebells:

  • Buy Competition Kettlebells for easy colour identification kettlebells that are calibrated for competition.
  • Buy Cast Iron Kettlebells made through cast iron for a strong finish, with a flat and sturdy base for easy storage. 

Instead, you can also purchase through our great value bundles to buy your kettlebells and kettlebell storage along with other fitness equipment for an incredible deal. 

Sign up today for the same top-level kettlebell racks that you find in your local gym and kickstart your fitness journey the right way.