Hex Dumbbells

The Hex Dumbbell is a variant of the classic dumbbell, one of the most basic but versatile pieces of gym equipment that you can invest in. Made of solid and durable cast iron with a 6-sided anti-roll design, and sometimes  encased in urethane, a set of hex dumbbells are stylish, long-lasting and can be integrated into any commercial or domestic gym regimen. Shop with Catch Fitness and you’ll find dumbbells featuring ergonomic chrome handles and resistant to cracking and fading while protecting floors and equipment.

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What are Hex Dumbbells? 

Hex Dumbbells are different to standard dumbbells as they are hexagon shaped, making them more difficult to roll. Regardless of their shape, they make standard equipment in any commercial gym or home setting, and ideal for a wide variety of body and HIIT exercises. This makes them great for floor based exercises like dumbbell pushups that require added stability. Our rubber hex dumbbells will ensure that your floors and gym equipment stay scratch free. 

Like standard dumbbells, hex dumbbell sets can be used in a range of exercises, allowing the user to evenly target larger muscle groups, and isolate smaller muscle groups. Unlike barbells, dumbbells can target one side of the body at a time, helping you to achieve muscle symmetry. 

Are Hex Dumbbells good? 

Thanks to their six-sided facets, these types of dumbbells won‚Äôt roll around once placed on the floor. This means you have a greater advantage if you are switching between weights or exercises, and are constantly putting them down or picking them up. As a result, they‚Äôre excellent choices for floor based circuits including dumbbell push-ups because of their added stability. 

The Hex Dumbbell is usually more affordable than a standard urethane dumbbell, making them great budget options. 

At Catch Fitness we also stock kettlebells for those that prefer to do more functional exercises as part of your routine. Having a range of dumbbells can take up a lot of space at home. That‚Äôs why we also offer a range of storage options to store all your gym equipment for convenient access during workouts. 

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