Gym Weight Benches

There’s a good reason why you will find workout benches in every gym. With a range of powerlifting exercises that benches support and help you master, it’s a gym equipment staple for anyone looking to develop their chest, pecs, delts, biceps, triceps and even your glutes and back.

Catch Fitness supplies heavy duty gym benches online to give you phenomenal support, in your home gym bench, that you can count on.

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Choosing the right Gym Bench Online: How Tos

When you start building your own home gym or commercial gym, it can be easy to get heavily occupied with buying weights. But the next step is buying fitness equipment like a weight bench, to get in the proper position to target more muscle groups.

Here‚Äôs the lowdown on workout benches: 

Flat benches are the standard workout benches. While they are a general purpose build, the craft that goes into them is not anything less than noteworthy. CATCH flat workout benches are created with a wide, heavy duty frame, durable dense anti-slip cushioning and heavily stabilising foot guards. 

Why is this important? When you‚Äôre using flat workout benches for bench press, hip thrusts, dumbbell pullovers or one-arm dumbbell presses, the last thing you want to do is slip and slide. With anti-slip, and a heavy stabilising design, you can train safely with no concerns about your home gym equipment holding you back.

Adjustable weight benches can be adjusted from flat to incline to target upper chest muscles, or on a decline to activate lower chest. Incline and decline benches can also be called sit-up benches, because they are often also used to target the core.

You can also combine your bench with racks to open more possibilities for exercises. Such as pairing an adjustable or flat workout bench with a rack for hip thrusts. They are a great all round multi station weight bench!

Bench rack for barbell bench press - For serious bench pressing to develop muscle and power, you can‚Äôt go wrong with a complete workout bench rack

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