Buy the ultimate parallettes for flexibility and upper body strength. Gym rings. 

No matter your goals, or where you are in your fitness journey: you’re going to love gym rings.

CATCH exercise rings are perfect for tackling a whole set of fitness goals: from gymnast or pilates training, to improving your whole body strength or reducing the load of bodyweight resistance training to tax your muscles to a maximum without a barbell. So that you can bring strength, muscle tone, flexibility and stabilisation with you into sports performance or into all your workouts!

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Built for Progress

Our wooden gym rings are made from high quality wood and heavy straps. Built for grip and comfort whether you're gripping or rotating, workout rings are the fitness equipment that shouldn‚Äôt be missed when you‚Äôre looking at functional fitness for upper body and wrists.

Wondering how to add gym rings to your workout? Use exercise rings for:

As a Tool for Beginners to the Gym: Workout rings are great for adjusting the level of difficulty of strain and tension with how high or low you set yourself during the exercise, while also adding extra tension. It's a great way to go from pure bodyweight exercises to weight training.

As a Tool to go from Intermediate to Advanced: Workout rings are a great tool for taxing your muscles to a maximum for body weight exercises, while building stability from keeping yourself steady at an elevated top position.

For Building Progress for Advanced Athletes: Like with strength training with weights or cardiovascular conditioning, you can up the difficulty of gym ring training with more advanced exercises. Try exercises like ring dips, L-sits, and front lever, and challenge yourself.

For Gymnastics: It goes without saying. Buying and owning your own pair of wooden gymnastics rings at home will also help you if you’re a gymnast in training, or would like to exercise like one.

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