GHD Gym Equipment

Glute ham developer (GHD) machine is a massively underrated piece of equipment in a gym. It’s fantastic for developing areas of the body that are frequently neglected and can be easily tucked away in the corner of a room. It’s versatile, tones and conditions the body, assists physical therapy and can prevent serious injury when going about your everyday life.

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What Is a GHD? 

The GHD machine stands for Glute Ham Developer and it is exactly as its name implies. It‚Äôs a piece of equipment that is used to primarily develop or strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. However those aren‚Äôt the only muscles it works. The machine can also strengthen the core, quads, calves and hip flexors. 

Benefits of GHD Machine 

In addition to the weight lifting benefits GHD equipment can provide, this particular machine can also offer functional fitness and conditioning benefits and effectively prevent muscle injuries, particularly hamstring strains, back injuries and ACL tears. A few sets of GHD raises can increase the strength and muscle mass in the glutes, hamstrings and back, pro athletes are able to endure the compressive loads and disruptive forces which can occur during intense physical sports and activities. Furthermore, the GHD raises can also exert little stress on the lower back as there are minimal shearing forces involved. As a result, GHD equipment can be a valuable addition to your at-home gym when you need to deload the spine whilst achieving a good training regimen. If you have the space to keep one, commercial GHD equipment is a fantastic tool to have. As a training tool, we rate them highly as a route to improved fitness performance and to aid you through your daily life. 

If you‚Äôre on the lookout for affordable and high-quality training equipment, you‚Äôve come to the right place. From glute ham developer machines, slam balls to rings, all equipment you require is supplied here. 

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