Dumbbells Set

Dumbbell sets are undoubtedly the most popular pieces of fitness equipment in commercial and home gyms. Without these basic tools, strength training wouldn’t nearly be as versatile as it is today. However, with so many types available on the market, finding a set online that suits your fitness requirements can be a chore. We’re here to help!

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From their durability, easy grip and hard wearing materials, our dumbbell sets are made to last and suit a range of exercises, allowing the user to go heavy when working larger muscle groups and lighter when working smaller muscle groups. 

Types of dumbbell sets online 

Our fixed dumbbells are the most common type and found in many commercial facilities. A fixed rubber dumbbell is hard wearing and robust, and tends to best meet the needs of commercial facilities. They can withstand the daily abuse of a busy commercial gym! 

Urethane dumbbells are another popular and more premium option for busy facilities while adjustable dumbbell sets are great products for those who desire varying weights but don‚Äôt have the budget, storage or space for fixed dumbbells. 

Thanks to their unique shape, our Hex dumbbell sets are ideal for floor work and HIIT training. 

Why use our dumbbell sets? 

Unlike barbells, dumbbells can target one side of the body at a time, helping you to achieve muscle symmetry more efficiently. 

At Catch Fitness we also stock kettlebells for those that prefer to do more functional exercises as part of your routine. Having a range of dumbbells can take up a lot of space at home. That‚Äôs why we also offer a range of storage options to store all your gym equipment for convenient access during workouts. 

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