Looking to up the ante with your strength training goals? Do you prefer working out in your own home gym with your own equipment?  Look no further! At CATCH FITNESS, we offer a comprehensive range of dumbbells at SUPER LOW prices to assist with all of your home gym essentials!

Perfect for isolation training, HIIT workouts and overall toning, our dumbbells are ideal for any user, are easy to store and are a great addition to help with diversifying any workout. Choose from our top of the range dumbbells to tone your body and increase your muscle strength!

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Our wide range of dumbbells is available exclusively through our store. Whether you are on the hunt for hexagonal dumbbells or vinyl dumbbells, we stock them all. As for the weights, you can buy them separately as per your tolerance level and preferences. 

Our multi-function adjustable dumbbell sets come with adjustable handles, weights and matchless portability. We have ditched the conventionally used cast iron and went with steel to amp up the durability and longevity of our dumbbells. 

From your home gym to outdoor workout sessions, our dumbbells can accompany you anywhere, allowing you to change the weights without a hassle. The adjustable set comes with dumbbell holders and barbell extensions, letting you evenly round up your strength training exercises. 

Overall, our dumbbells for sale give you ample exercise options. Since you can buy two at once, our dumbbell pairs will exert each side of your body, making it pull its individual weight. While beginners will find the low-weight dumbbells to be the most ideal, intermediate and pros will benefit immensely from our adjustable dumbbell set. 

Since dumbbells are quite heavy, we understand that shipping can add up to a lot. That‚Äôs why we offer pickups from our showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney. Meanwhile, we also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, giving you ample time to test the dumbbells and determine if they are right for your use. 

Find our wide range of dumbbells, including dumbbell holders, handles, and barbell extensions, for sale below to pick the option that suits you best. 

Having said that, you will not find any better dumbbells online in Australia. Register today to make an account and benefit from our cheap shipping rates and money-back guarantee.