Dumbbell Storage

Keep organised the space you work out. When you are training with quality fitness equipment, you want proper gym storage to ensure that they are kept safe, secure and clean to last well for many years. Our range of dumbbell storage racks and benches gives you durable heavy-duty solutions to clutter on the gym floor. 


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Affordable Dumbbell Storage ‚Äď Organise the Space You Workout!

Whether you‚Äôre looking to keep dumbbells for a commercial gym or a home gym, dumbbell racks and holders play a role as important as your other gym equipment when it comes to weight training. Invest well in your weight rack: you can select between 3 tier dumbbell holders, vertical dumbbell storage racks and multi-purpose barbell and weight plate storage across our selection. 

Proper weight storage should always be a step you take when it comes to setting up a station to lift weights. It‚Äôs a crucial step in creating a workout space that lets you reduce injuries. 

Set up your Dumbbell Station in One Go

Buy your dumbbells and dumbbell storage in one go to save on product, delivery and freight costs.

No doubt, you‚Äôll give yourself peace of mind, and find it easier to tackle the task of completing your home gym or new commercial workout station, when you complete the set in one go. Catch Fitness stocks dumbbell weights in single pairings or sets to let you stock up quickly. Along with great value bundles, to give our customers ready to go with a great deal. 

If you‚Äôre building up your arms, you also don‚Äôt want to miss out on our adjustable dumbbell handles with high knurls to give you grip and the ability to adjust difficult arm curls. 

Our team at Catch Fitness are always looking to empower our following with quality exercise equipment at affordable prices.

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