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Chikara Fitness Range


Welcoming our NEW highly sought after ULTIMATE Plate Loaded Range.

Our new 'CHIKARA' series is HIGH QUALITY, AESTHETICALLY APPEALING & PHENOMENALLY FUNCTIONAL. Emulating power, CHIKARA embodies everything associated with attributes of might and force.

Outsourced from one of our most reputable suppliers, our CHIKARA range is made with heavy duty frames that are made to last. We are so sure of this, we offer a lifetime warranty on our frames! 

Featuring a contemporary aesthetic, our range is made with state of the art materials and exceptional design and safety features. Designed for all levels of fitness, with benefits including: increased muscle mass and overall toning, improved mobility, balance and flexibility, aiding in joint protection, overall health and weight management.

Designed for heavy duty use with impeccable durability, our new machines are an invaluable tool for any commercial gym, strength and conditioning facility, rehabilitation centre or exercise therapy clinic.

Placing safety at the forefront, our new line incorporates innovative pieces of equipment, welcoming users to an enhanced strength training experience. 

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