Change Plates

If you are looking to build strength, power or muscle hypertrophy, then Change Plates are something you want to be fitting into your home gym arsenal.

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Also known as fractional plates or micro plates, Change Plates are the perfect transitional weight training fitness equipment when you can‚Äôt lift an additional cast iron weight plate; making sure that you are setting progress on your strength exercises and weight machines. So that you get past any plateau! 

Because when it comes to reaching new gains in the gym, it‚Äôs all about adding something more to your workout. Even in small increments. 

Whether it‚Äôs an additional set, another rep or just another 0.5kg Change Plate on the bar.

Rubber Weight Plates

Lifting with rubber doesn‚Äôt just have to stop with your choice in flooring. Rubber weight Change Plates make a great addition to home gyms with their tough, durable and more padded design. Rubber is antibacterial by nature and with less chance of any rusting, which is why rubber weights make an attractive setup that is easier to clean and look after.

CATCH Fitness supplies commercial-grade Change Plates online for both home use and commercial gyms, so you can train and workout in confidence no matter your preference.

Need help selecting between our range of Change Plates online?

  • For quieter performance on the ground choose bumper weight plates 
  • For Olympic style weightlifting and training choose competition weight plates, our Olympic Change Plate sets are popular for competition powerlifters in training. With the same colour coding among weights that you will see in powerlifting competitions. 
  • Choose tri grip weight plates for better grip and handling, while putting rubber coated weight plates on or taking them off from the bar. 

Sign up today for the same top-level Olympic Change Plates that you find in your local gym and kickstart your fitness journey the right way.