Steel & Cast Iron Weight Plates

If you’re here, we know you’re serious. Now’s the time to own your cast iron weight plate and really stack on the weight for extra gains in power, muscle and strength. Our cast iron weight plates online at CATCH are commercial grade in quality to elevate your home or commercial gym.

Or buy steel weight plates for extra durability and resistance. 

Now’s the time to get big. 

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Built for Toughness and Strength

Cast Iron & Steel

Made from tough materials, CATCH metal plates are heavy-duty, resilient and easy to maintain for any type of gym. Our cast iron plates are forged into one strong piece. Made from iron that has been melted down and poured into a mould, for one seamless piece of heavy lifting equipment. 

We also stock steel plates, that are more durable but also consequently pricier than iron. Buy stainless steel plates, made with handles and rubber-coated for an option with more grip.

Thinner Weight, Means More on the Bar

These cast iron weight plates are for powerlifters and bodybuilders that are ready to pack on the weight. Our cast iron weight plates at Catch Fitness are cut thinner, letting you fit more on the bar, and reach new highs in weight training. 

Choosing Between Standard vs Olympic

Select from standard or Olympic weight plates depending on the barbell you‚Äôre looking to buy, so that everything fits well on the bar. 

  • Standard weights have a limited capacity, and only go up to 90kg before they begin to bend.
  • Cast iron olympic plates on the other hand can have the ability to go up to 680kg depending also on the barbell‚Äôs capacity. However, Olympic barbells also are longer and take up more space in your home gym. 

Sign up today for the same top-level cast iron weight plates that you find in your local gym and kickstart your fitness journey the right way.