Bumper Weight Plates

Bumpers or bumper plates are designed for weight training in any capacity, with iron plates coated in thick rubber. Letting you load up on the weights without damage. 
Whether your goals are powerlifting, Olympic lifting, strength training or weight lifting just to add some extra caloric burn to your workouts, our bumper weight plates give you the extra assurance of rubber cushioning when you may need to drop the weights.

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Rubber Bumpers = Less Damage

Choose bumper plates for your weight plate of choice for gyms in apartments, garages or commercial gyms where you don‚Äôt want to damage the floors. Made of mostly solid rubber, Olympic bumper plates are designed to be dropped safely overhead when required after heavy lifts. As a result, many commercial gyms now only use bumper weight plates for their deadlift platform areas. 

To best distribute the weight to protect your floors, we still recommend also installing gym flooring if you’re strength training in a home gym.

Train By the Set

Our bumper weight plates online at Catch Fitness can be bought in a single pair, or in a set so that you can gradually move up in progress or down again when it‚Äôs time to do a deload week. 

Our great value bundles also let you set up your home gym with customisable packages for bumper plate sets, barbells or other gym equipment at competitive prices!

Sign up today for the same top-level bumper weight plates that you find in your local gym and kickstart your fitness journey with us today the right way.