Bosu and Swiss Balls

Crunch, lunge and plank on Bosu balls and unlock more muscle activation for your abs. Bosu balance balls are ideal for those wanting to work on their stability and balance. Whether you want to better target your abdominal muscles, or are looking for support with sports rehabilitation.

CATCH Bosu and Swiss Balls Online

Bosu balls and Swiss Balls are the go tos in fitness equipment when it comes to balance and stability training. Our Bosu balls online at CATCH Fitness are thus made with an anti-skid and sweat-resistant design to safely support you while you exercise. Through its thickened anti-burst design, it’s also made to endure being stepped and worked out on.

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CATCH swiss exercise balls are made with a full body that adds further difficulty to sit-ups, high planks and other abdominal exercises. 

Activate Your Core

Bosu balance trainers can really benefit you if you‚Äôre looking to strengthen your core. Using a Bosu ball for certain ab exercises has proven to better activate and workout the abdominal and other core muscle groups (obliques and lower back). 

Train to Prevent Injury

Bosu balance balls really shine when it comes to stability conditioning. Balance training on an unstable surface, as on a Bosu ball, swiss ball or balance board, can be effective for establishing stability that can help prevent injury when it comes to strength training, powerlifting, or sports performance. You can also jog on it for a light cardio workout on uneven terrain. In studies, bodyweight training on a Bosu ball helped soccer and football players prevent ankle injury.

Therefore, if you are expecting a big game coming up or putting some new increased weight on the bar, Bosu ball training might be exactly what you need.

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