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If you are searching for HIGH QUALITY and SUPER AFFORDABLE Racks and Benches, CATCH FITNESS have you covered! We offer an ample range of Power/Squat Racks AND heavy duty Gym Benches that are guaranteed to withstand extremely heavy weights!

Our wide range of Power/Squat Racks can help meet the needs of any commercial or home gym, big or small. We range half racks, full power racks, racks with pulley and functional trainer attachments, commercial power racks, squat stands, wall mounted folding half racks AND MORE! 

Our vast range of Gym Benches are perfect for anyone looking to develop their chest, pecs, delts, biceps, triceps and even your glutes and back. Ideal for any user whether intermediate or advanced, our high quality Benches are a great addition to help with diversifying your training!  

Shop our top of the range Power/Squat Racks AND heavy duty Gym Benches TODAY!


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