Battle Ropes

It’s important to never get bored in your workouts, and exercise ropes are a great way to always keep things interesting!

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Mental fortitude, motivation and dedication is a big part of knocking out fitness goals - even for experienced gym-goers. Which is why changing up your routine and the element of ‘fun’ has its place in your workout routine. Even when you experience fitness time as ‘serious business’. 

Incorporating battle ropes is a great way to ensure that never happens! 

This isn’t your ordinary skipping rope. Long and heavy, battle ropes target your upper back, arms, abs, back and glutes. Not just blasting fat, but sculpting muscle. These exercise ropes will always present a challenge that you will be looking forward to conquering. With as well so many new types of ways to use it, once your first, second and third goal post is done and dusted. 

Full Body Workout

Build power in your arms and back with gym ropes. Explosive strength is important when it comes to locking out in your lifts or doing more pull ups.

Which is why so many workout rope enthusiasts exist - they’re great for breaking plateaus! It’s a growing open secret for strength and conditioning. With other ways of moving the ropes or getting in a squat position, you can also target your legs along with your upper body. For a complete battling rope workout. 

Battle ropes also provide low-impact, high benefit cardiovascular training. That means almost no grinding of knees or feet, while still getting your heart rate up, up, UP! 

So, if you’re one of those people that don’t like doing cardios (and just prefer lifting more quickly) no sweat! Battle ropes are about speed and about power. It’s easy to stay engaged.

Train Different

Mastering new exercises in functional training is often the way many break through fitness plateaus. At Catch Fitness, we supply a range of other affordable and high quality functional training equipment such as slam ballssand and power bags and gym rings to help you keep training and help you break through.

Sign up today for the same top-level battle ropes that you find in your local gym and kickstart your fitness journey the right way.