Barbell Storage

Barbells are a big investment so making sure that they are stored securely and safely with easy access is essential for any commercial or at-home gym. Catch Fitness’s range of horizontal and vertical barbell holders come in wall mounted options, single bar storage attachments for rigs and racks can give you plenty of options to stow your barbells correctly.

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Best ways to store your barbells 

Horizontal: If you have more than one bar, or you don‚Äôt have the room to leave your bar stored in your rack, you‚Äôll need another solution. The most ideal of these is horizontal storage. 

Inside the sleeves of your barbell are bushings, bearings, or both. Those anti-friction devices are there to allow your bar sleeves to spin freely. They are also designed to support heavy loads in the form of weight plates which are loaded onto the bar whilst it‚Äôs horizontal. The devices within the barbells are generally not designed to support much load when they are in the vertical position. As a result, horizontal barbell holders or barbell storage racks are the most feasible option of storage. 

Vertical: That being said, if you‚Äôre lacking space, vertical commercial barbell holders exist. When it comes to finding the best vertical storage option, we suggest the following. Opt for a high quality barbell holder that features a strong set of tubes (usually 9) which sit on the ground. You insert the end of the bars into the tubes and as a result, hold them up at a 9-degree angle. These are often used in conjunction with mounted barbell holders. Find one manufactured from premium steel that is strong enough to withstand the heavy loading of several barbells, and ensure the tubes are long enough to safely support a barbell without risk of bending it. 

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