Barbells Collars & Accessories

Lock weights into place for extra assurance while you lift and drop the weights. Our wide range of barbell collars will assist you with preventing weights from slipping off the bar or spinning on the sleeve while weight training. Not just preventing any injuries or damaged gear (or flooring), but also helping you to lift easier with stability through the bar.

CATCH Fitness also provides a range of high-quality barbell clips, clamps and accessories to empower your strength training workouts.

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Adamant Stability

Steady weights are crucial when you want to master your form and perform better lifts. Performing weight lifting exercises with steady equipment is crucial in ensuring balance in strength and hypertrophy while strength training. Meaning that you‚Äôll find it easier to better avoid having one leg or arm that is stronger than the other. 

CATCH Fitness Barbell Collars

Our commercial-grade quality barbell collars help ensure no movement or slipping on the bar. Choose one based on the level of strength and stability you are after, and get ready to stack on the weights in your home gym.

  • Lockjaw barbell clamp collars are designed to snap on and off, for quick release
  • Spring collars clamp on reliably, with a tight grip at an affordable cost
  • Steel pin and twist-locks hold weight plates in place, for no movement on the bar

For the best value for your garage gym set up or a new fitness station in a commercial gym, shop our great value bundles. Buy barbell collars in gym equipment sets with Olympic bars and Olympic weights! 

Customise Your Lift

Buy barbell accessories to change up the way you lift. In addition, to CATCH Fitness locks collars and spring clips, we stock landmine attachments, dumbbell handles, and barbell holder attachments. Letting you lift in angular or rotational ranges of motion, or adjust the weight to the bar on small dumbbells.

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