Aerobic Steppers

Get a whole-body workout in a small amount of space. Aerobic steppers provide a classic cardio workout to burn calories and raise your heart rate, but did you know you can use them for so much more? Use your aerobic stepper for callisthenics, HIIT, even some weight supported resistance training, and more.

At Catch Fitness, we give you a range of good options for steppers and riders, and adjustable aerobic steppers to step up and feel the burn.

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Versatile Conditioning, in Any Space

Aerobic workouts like step-ups are good for your mood and good for your heart. While common excuses like not wanting to go out at a certain time, or not having time enough can often come in the way of personal care - aerobic steppers, with their compact and versatile design, are made to fit well even in limited home gym spaces, get into your routine, and get your fitness in. 

CATCH Fitness aerobic steppers and risers are made from sturdy plastic, with an anti-slip surface and rubber grip padding on the top of the step platform to provide a comfortable feeling underfoot. So you can stay safe, keep focused and enjoy less discomfort while you workout.

Stack Up in Progress

Steppers and risers have the benefit of being able to be adjusted in height. This means you can start low as a beginner, and add risers to heighten your riser as you progress in the exercise or with your level of fitness. Every step riser platform has a resistance band notch to securely hold the new addition in place. Its rubber feet never skid or scratch the floor while you work out.

Buy your aerobic stepper with 4 risers in one of our great value bundles, to get a full set to start your conditioning or resistance training. 

One Stepper Can Do Many Things

Our adjustable aerobic stepper makes the ultimate fitness equipment for any home gym. On top of acting as an accessory for aerobic exercises like step-ups, this step bench can incline or decline to help you target your upper or lower chest in a bench press. Raise it up with the included steppers to transform it into a flat plane weight bench, a ramp to stretch your calves, or a plyo box. 

Every adjustable aerobic step also includes resistance tubes, so that you can engage your arms and upper body. 

Sign up today for the same top-level aerobic steppers that you find in your local sports fitness centre and kickstart your fitness journey the right way.