Adjustable Weight Sets

Adjustable weight and barbell sets are the best multifunctional product. Our adjustable sets give you a wide range of weight that can be used for many different workouts. We also have adjustable dumbbell sets too!

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CATCH Adjustable Barbell & Weight Pump Set - 20KG | Out of Stock

Train anytime at home 

We all know someone who spends money on a gym membership but is a rare sight at the gym. With an adjustable dumbbell or weight set, you can ensure that person won‚Äôt be you! 

Train at any time in the comfort of your own home. No more weird looks or sweaty bodies heaving weights around you. Just you and your weights. 

The great thing about adjustable weights is that you can save on space as well, making it the perfect purchase for an apartment or small house. If you‚Äôd prefer to use kettlebells, we have those in stock too! 

Adjustable Dumbbells 

The classic dumbbell is the most basic but versatile piece of gym equipment that you can invest in. 

Adjustable weights can be a great investment, with some of the most common being adjustable dumbbells. These can be used in a range of exercises, allowing the user to add weight when working larger muscle groups, and take off weight when working smaller muscle groups. 

As training progresses, these adjustable weights can be made heavier, to allow for strength progression. 

Equipment storage is easy as adjustable dumbbells don‚Äôt take up much space in your home or apartment. 

Adjustable Barbells 

Similar to the dumbbell, the barbell has been a mainstay of strength and muscle building for decades. The main difference of course is that the bar is longer, allowing you to use both arms and lift more weight. Barbells are perfect for compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench press. 

The great thing about adjustable barbells is that you can add and subtract weight to suit your training needs. Simply use weight plates to adjust the weight and store them away when you‚Äôre done training. 

Having an adjustable barbell saves heaps of space at home because you only need one barbell and plates can be purchased as needed. 

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