20KG Barbells

The be-all-end-all of men’s powerlifting. 

20kg barbells are a stable, rigid bar that really lets you pack on the weight. As well as deadlift, squat, curl, bench press, or snatch, clean and jerk to build muscle mass and strength. With precise knurl gripping so you never let slip on the weights.

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Heavy Duty Commercial Barbells

CATCH 20kg Olympic barbells are built for high tensile strength, textured knurl grip and high plate loading capacity for use in any home or commercial gym. Select between lighter capacity options with bronze bushings for less spin or needle bearings for a smooth spin for heavy Olympic-style lifting. 

The Reason to Lift With a 20kg Barbell

Between a high-quality 15kg barbell and a 20kg barbell is more than just 5kg. Olympic sized, it’s the standard for men’s Olympic lifting. Making it an essential barbell on the market for anyone training in Olympic weightlifting.

  • Larger Shaft Diameter - The grip diameter of a 20kg barbell is 28-29mm for larger hands
  • Less Whip, More Stable - As a heavier barbell, there‚Äôs less ‚Äėwhip‚Äô or elasticity than a 15kg barbell. 
  • Smooth Spin - Rotating sleeves to alleviate pressure and tension off joints during movement.
  • Centre Knurling - For extra grip for front and back squats.

The Olympic bar standard for men‚Äôs barbells is 20kgs and 28mm grip diameter in competitions. That is why it is often also called a men‚Äôs bar. However, beginners can also benefit from a 15kg barbell before proceeding to a 20kg barbell. 

Please note women heavy lifters may also prefer training with a 20kg Olympic barbell for its rigid structure and the capacity to load up with heavier weight plates or bumper plates.

Unsure what to buy? Try comparing barbells in a commercial gym before purchasing to understand what  barbell you prefer training with.

Completing Your Barbell Set Up

We sell a wide range of barbells, speciality barbells, barbell collars and barbell storage solutions to give you the fitness equipment to complete your weight training set-up in your home gym.

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