15kg Barbells

For women’s powerlifting, weightlifting, and competition lifts, a 15kg barbell is what you need. 
Our 15kg Olympic barbells at Catch Fitness provides a range of loading capacities, textured grip styles and metal finishes on a narrower shaft.

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Commercial Grade for Gym Use

Our high quality 15kg barbells are made with a durable, heavy-duty and highly resistant design that makes them perfect for any commercial, studio or home gym.

Is This The Right Barbell for You?

The main difference between 15kg barbells and 20kg barbells, is the extra 5kg and thinner shaft diameter. This makes 15kg barbells an ideal barbell choice for beginners or female lifters alike. 

  • Precise knurl gripping
  • Thinner 25mm grip diameter for smaller hands to maintain a strong grip
  • More spin, less knurl

Many women first learning to lift weights or struggling with their grip might lift easier with a 15kg barbell. The thinner diameter of a 15kg bar makes it easier for individuals with smaller hands, as women often have, to get a better grip. 

For this reason, they’re often also called a women’s barbell

But 15kg women's barbells are also perfect for anyone looking for a thinner, lightweight barbell. Personal trainers will also defer to getting new clients to use these barbells, as it allows them to practice form on a lighter model before moving up to a 20kg bar.

15kg Olympic or Standard Barbell?

The main differences between these two barbells are the length, weight loading capacity and price. 

Buy a standard 15kg barbell if you‚Äôre expecting to lift up to 500lbs or 226 kgs, have a smaller budget or are just starting out. Purchase a 15kg Olympic barbell if you don‚Äôt mind the cost and are looking to lift up to 1000lbs or 1500lbs on the bar. 

Olympic sized fitness equipment is also important for any serious lifter who wants to practice Olympic lifting for competitions. 

Don’t forget! Barbell storage to properly organise your barbells and barbell collars to lock weight plates into place. Otherwise, opt for a speciality barbell for arms or shoulder padding for squatting.

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